Arlene Faulk


At 22, Arlene Faulk, a young professional, loses all feeling from her waist down in one afternoon. Although her mobility returns slowly over time, because she’s given no diagnosis, uncertainty and fear persist for years. She ascends the corporate ladder while keeping her health struggles secret, but during a stressful day at work when Arlene is 43, her body collapses. After a myriad of tests she finally gets a diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis.

Growing up with a father who was an M.D., she relies on her doctors for a way forward. Nothing seems to help and one day her neurologist says, “There’s nothing more I can do for you.” With her health and career stagnated, Arlene spends two years on her couch experiencing debilitating fatigue. A friend urges her to visit an Eastern medicine practitioner. Arlene is skeptical and does nothing until one day she received a note from her friend that just says “A Gentle Reminder” with a business card attached. Immediately, she makes a phone call and enters the world of integrative medicine and Tai Chi. Step by step she creates a life of health she couldn’t dream was possible.

Walking on Pins and Needles

Walking on Pins and Needles: A Memoir of Chronic Resilience in the Face of Multiple Sclerosis

by Arlene Faulk

Published by River Grove Books.
Available in print or e-book.
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"I want to inspire readers to think anew about possibilities and muster courage to face their fears about the unknown." ~ Arlene Faulk